Mr Mercedes – Stephen King | Review

Title: Mr Mercedes

Author: Stephen King

Series: Bill Hodges #1

Rating: 4/5 stars

Another book from one of my favorite authors. This book was published in 2013. so it’s one of his newer novels.

I have to say that this book is not the best that Stephen King has to offer, but I couldn’t wait to pick it up when I had to eat, sleep and you know, that stuff.

A gruesome murder has been committed and 8 people died. We have a retired detective Bill Hodges, after he received a letter from a man who claimed to be the killer, takes on an investigation and eventually solves the case with two unlikely ‘Watsons’ as King calls them.

On the other side we have Brady Hartfield who lives with his sexually abusing, alcoholic mother.

We know right from the start who the killer is, so it’s not that kind of a novel where you can be a detective yourself, you just sit there and wait for them to figure it out. We just watch the two characters play a game of cat and mouse through the whole book.

The first half of the book was a little slow but then it got a little more action packed.

I have to say that Brady Hartfield is one of King’s best villans. He is completely mad. He didn’t need supernatural powers to be completely terrifying.

So the end was kinda disappointing to me. I was expecting a different ending where it would be a bit darker.

All in all it was a good book with some big mistakes.


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